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Grape and Olive

About Amarillo Grape and Olive | Amarillo Tx

Amarillo Grape and Olive is a family-owned and operated specialty food store in Amarillo, Texas.

In October 2015, we opened as Amarillo’s first olive oil store. Our focus is to provide Amarillo the finest quality olive oils and aged balsamic vinegars delivered with personalized and accommodating customer service. Our staff is highly knowledgeable regarding olive oil and balsamic vinegar. We take pride in our products and strive to help each customer make the perfect selection to suit their taste. You will get to try before you buy with fresh French bread to go with all the oils and vins. Be adventuresome and pair your favorite olive oils and balsamic vinegar or ask us for recommendations.

The olive oils offered by Amarillo Grape and Olive are some of the finest oils produced in countries such as Italy, Greece, Spain, Chile and the United States. Our ever-popular infused olive oils are a must have for novice to expert cooks and make cooking a breeze. Take your favorite dish and have Italian one night using Tuscan Herb and spicy the next with Garlic Roasted Chili. You can master simple and fast meals with amazing flavor. To further educate and connect with our customers, we have partnered with Chef Bud Andersen to teach monthly cooking classes at our store using our products. Regardless of your experience level or age, we welcome all to a fun and entertaining evening ‘Back to the Table’ with good food and good people.

What are our favorites?

About Amarillo Grape and Olive | Amarillo Tx | Stefanie Elsea

 Without a doubt, we recommend the Garlic Roasted Chili infused olive oil. A perfect balance of garlic and the smokey kick of roasted red chilis, this flavor is sure to inspire a new approach to your favorite dishes. If you like salmon and other seafood dishes as much as we do, then you will truly love cooking with Persian Lime infused EVOO! Myer Lemon EVOO is a perfect partner for chicken and salads

Don’t forget about our aged balsamic vinegars! Produced in Modena, Italy using a time- honored tradition, our dark and white balsamic vinegars bring a rich, delicious flavor to your table. No added fillers, syrups or sugar are used – just the finest Italian grapes, oak casks and time. After arriving in the United States, natural flavorings are added to make an amazing variety of flavors. With just about every flavor you could imagine, we have a competitive selection that you won’t find anywhere else! Our dark balsamic vinegar speaks to your taste buds with a surprisingly bold and deep flavor. The white balsamic vinegar provides a lighter and brighter flavor, a tad more tartness and a presentation that compliments your dishes. Some of our own favorites include the Cranberry Pear white balsamic vinegar and the Garlic dark balsamic vinegar! Both of which are great for salads, desserts, meats and vegetables!

We are also passionately working on and improving our very own vinaigrette recipes!  

About Amarillo Grape and Olive | Amarillo TX

Our ever-popular Tuscan Vinaigrette is our first and favorite creation that is sure to make eating a salad your favorite time of the day! The Tuscan Vinaigrette brings a thicker and richer flavor compared to store brand vinaigrettes without all the additives and chemicals. This is an exciting year for us with the addition of a new Traditional Vinaigrette that is more akin to a plain and simple vinaigrette with a delicate balance of sweet, tart and savory to accommodate our customer’s own preferences and recipes! Vinaigrettes are simply amazing for dressing salads, meats and vegetables. With the many flavors of olive oil and balsamic vinegar we offer, we have a seemingly endless number of combinations that will surely spark the creativity in our customers.

Going into 2020, we are also teaming with Dr. Jack Mustard to introduce Advance Body Food’s line of superfoods and supplements. We are passionate about promoting healthy cooking and overall well-being.

We are in The Summit Shopping Center located at 34th and Coulter in Amarillo, Texas. Please stop by and experience our passion for good food and amazing flavor.