About Olive Oil

Amarillo Grape and Olive

Olive oil's nutritional facts are one reason that Amarillo Grape and Olive enjoy selling high-end olive oil and balsamic vinegar products at a fair price.

Cooking healthy is not a mystery, and now that you know olive oil's nutritional facts and health benefits. It is easy to make adjustments to the food you cook and how you cook it. One easy improvement you can make is the type of cooking oil you use to cook with.

Are all olive oils the same? No, they are not. There is a particular struggle between health conscience recipes and chefs and at-home meals and cooks. Amarillo Grape and Olive provides health conscience patrons a variety of options to make the right choice when preparing tonights healthy meal that will not only make it healthier but give it flavor and excitement.

Baking with olive oil can improve your recipe's flavor and make you feel better due to the extra antioxidants and heart-healthy boost from vitamin E, which will also keep your breads and muffins fresh longer.